About Ego Dog´s

My kennel is called Ego Dog’s and I invest in a quality breeding of Pumi and Hungarian Vizsla, where we are picky and dare to sift among our breeding animals.

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I will only sell you a puppy that will work and train actively with your dog in any branch, so if that is not a criteria for you, you can stop reading here and now.

It’s great fun if you want to show your dog at a show, but it’s absolutely not a requirement on my part. The dogs we use in breeding must have working engines, but of course I want to keep the dogs’ appearance to the breed standard. But mentality and health come before packaging, of course!

The breeding focuses on mentally “strong” dogs, which can cope with different types of environments and above all are workable in different types of dog sports. A pumi should be able to be used for what you yourself want to invest in, and it will take you where you want as long as you guide it.

I only use accessible dogs in my breeding, as an unavailable dog is too limited in its way of life, and it also limits its handler. I also want the breeding dogs we use to have a great interest in objects, a lot of fighting spirit and a fine interest in food. Which are factors that will make your companion more easily trained. Resilience is also a quality I value highly because I want the dogs to be able to be used for work and even if you are not that keen on work, it is New Year’s Eve once a year. It is also no coincidence that the dog reacts to the swing hitting the agility field.

My goal is to put the pumi on the map among active competition dogs and of course be lovable family members at the same time. I want to breed a dog for sport, competition and hobby herding. When breeding a breed, no matter what it is, each combination must add something to the breed as a whole. In other words, you cannot make a combination for your own ego, but each breeder has a responsibility both for the puppies, the puppy buyers and the breed as a whole.

I am selling a puppy to you who want:

  • A training partner
  • A life partner that will stay with you until the day it passes away

I do not sell to you that:

  • Will leave it alone many hours daily
  • “Just” wants a show dog/companion dog

Please note that no puppies are sold just for companionship, why buy a Ferrari when you’re only going to drive on Sundays? There are many nice companion breeds for those looking for pure companion dogs, you can also buy porcelain dogs in any color, collecting stamps is also nice!

If you meet my requirements, you are welcome to make demands on me as a breeder.

I offer you:

  • Free training support, subject to time
  • Kennel camps and puppy meetings
  • I always buy the dog back if it needs to be relocated for any reason
  • Free haircut according to time

I would like you to:

  • HD X-rays
  • Mental tests
  • Eye test

My puppies are sold according to SKK’s basic rules. NO dogs are given out without an agreement and pedigree. Everything according to SKK’s basic rules!

If you are interested in a puppy from me, please call me or email me and I will try to answer your questions! What I’m wondering is, what do you want to do with your dog, why the breed, and past experiences.

I do not sell puppies without meeting you first and I assume that you do not buy a puppy from me without having met me and my breeding animals before deciding on a pumi. Remember that you as a puppy buyer choose a breeder, go around to several breeders and ask the same questions and demand to meet the animals’ parents if possible. Is the bitch nice and will you get support from the breeder? Go with your gut, it’s always good!

Why breeding?

To be the breeder I myself wish to have and to breed from the parent animals that I myself wish puppies after, with the qualities I want to see in a good training dog that also works in a family life. To then have the privilege of being able to follow the dog’s development from its first breath to adulthood is absolutely fantastic. But the main reason I breed pumi is to protect and promote the breed, preserve what it is for and hopefully make sure there are some working dogs left in 50 years!

I want to be involved in influencing the puma as a breed in a positive way and of course preserve old characteristics of the dogs, such as guarding instinct, herding qualities, hunting desire, etc. These are all the parts that make a nice dog in my eyes. Being able to preserve the working capacity of a herding dog breed is very important to me! Then, of course, we shouldn’t make a “working dog” out of a herding dog, and we shouldn’t make a companion dog out of a herding dog!

Getting “a big family” through puppy buyers and their friends is just a very nice bonus!

Welcome to meet me and my dogs in person! Don’t be shy, but ask what you’re wondering!